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Piers & Boat Lifts

Lerian Marine Contracting

Boat Lifts

Lerian Marine construction provides installation and repair of all boat lifts and PWC (personal water craft) lifts. We are dealers for High-Tide and Magnum boat lifts. With over 40 years experience, we help you choose the right boat lift for your pier. Boat lifts provide a hassle free way to store your boat with no need to worry about tides, wind or adjusting lines. PWC lifts provide easy access for small boats, kayaks and jet skis. PWC lifts come with many options to adjust to fit your needs.

Pier Construction 

Planning on building a new pier or rebuilding an old one? Lerian Marine provides design advice to help your pier fit your needs. Our pile driving and carpentry skills are unmatched. Piers feature stainless screws for decking and copper caps for piles. Choose from fixed or floating piers, composite, ipe or pine decking. 

Additional Features

  • Permit Services

We provide full permit service for all marine projects. Most projects will require a permit for work to begin. We can design your project, summit all required drawings and forms to the appropriate agencies.

  • Steps

Steps are often needed to gain access to your Dock. Lerian Marine is here to help with step projects ranging from 4 ft in elevation to 80 ft. We build all steps to current building codes providing safe access to your waterfront. Step handrails can be built with a variety of materials from wood to stainless steel.

  • Inclined Elevators

Lerian Marine is a certified installer for Hill Hiker elevators. Hill Hiker elevators provide easy access on slopes for people of any age. Elevators can hold up to 4 people at a time with space for gear. Why walk up hill when you can ride? Each elevator is designed and custom built to meet the needs of your property.

  • Bulkheads

Bulkheads are heavy duty timber retaining walls built to prevent shoreline erosion. They can be built with timber, vinyl or steel. Materials are chosen based on wall height and the property’s location to open water. Lerian Marine has built bulkhead projects from 25ft in length to 2500ft.

  • Osprey Nest

Lerian Marine builds custom, one of a kind osprey platforms. Osprey return to the Chesapeake bay every year marking the start of spring and boating season. Let us build a custom nesting box to keep the osprey off your boat or pier.

  • Salvage Work

Lerian Marine provides salvage services. Downed trees, underwater obstructions or storm damage, we have the equipment to help remove the problem.


We build Large scale projects such as commercial or community marinas. 

  • Custom built marine Travel Lift and forklift wells
  • Multiple Boat lift arrangements
  • Floating docks



About Us

Lerian Marine is a full service marine construction company. Providing construction and repair of bulkheads, piers, boatlifts, stone rip-rap/ living shorelines and much more. With over 40 years in the industry, we have the equipment and knowledge to tackle all your waterfront needs. Serving  Anne Arundel County and the Eastern Shore of Maryland. 

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